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2019 season begins!

Hello everyone!

Here we go again! My fourteenth season is underway. There for a while it looked like maybe it was gonna be a late start, but Mother Nature cooperated enough to get the last of the ice out on May 13 (five days before the opener). Fortunately, even though we arrived in Ontario on May 6th and had to spend a few days working on some stuff “roadside”, we were able to navigate enough open water and bust through some ice in spots to arrive in camp on Friday, May 10th. Upon arrival, it was good to see that camp made it through the harsh winter here pretty well overall (no MAJOR issues). Within a couple of days, we had a great start on things and were well on our way to being prepared for our first guests of the season.

More good news I want to mention. Immediately upon arrival at the landing on May 6th, I could tell the lake level was up significantly from where it was in the fall of 2018 when I went home. As many of our late season guests will recall, the low water in late August and September was starting to make our lives more complicated when it came to transporting guests in and out on Saturday and handling the “gear” that comes with. Sure gave my back an extra workout when unloading the boat and you had to lift things another 2 feet to reach the dock! Regardless, and as we always do, we managed to navigate the low water situation and ended the year on a good note. SPRING forward to May of 2019 and the water levels are much higher in the lake, maybe still a little below average but in good condition none the less. In fact since our arrival in camp on May 10th, to date, the lake has risen another 7-8 inches from a couple of good rains we have had and continued runoff from the spring thaw. 

Congratulations to Kevin Prugh and Kevin Coughlin the co-winners of the second annual Bear Claw Wilderness Camp ice out contest. Both correctly picked May 13th as the magical day, and will be rewarded for their efforts with a Bear Claw Camp hoodie (or similar apparel item of their choice). In fact, Kevin Prugh’s crew is here this week, so I am sure he will be stopping into my office soon for his hoodie. Kevin Coughlin, I will get hooked up with you soon to make arrangements to get yours sent to you since you guys won’t be in camp this year. That is unless you still want to book something… it’s not too late, haha. 

So how’s the fishing you ask? Well opening week was one of ups and downs with some unstable weather and quite a bit of ENE winds during the week. Chilly nights would result in lake temps going back down from the gains it had made during the day when the sun was out. Overall lake temps seemed to bounce around for the week between 46-54 degrees depending where you were at. So there were days you had to work harder for fish, and some days that it came much easier. Regardless, everyone in camp ate well and caught plenty to take home and release during the week. The smallmouth bite was good overall and provided lot’s of action during the week also. The one “complaint” I heard early in the week was the number of 22-23″ walleye guys were catching and the lack of the 16-17″ eaters. Good complaint to hear… especially when as the week went on guys starting finding those elusive eater fish and had plenty to feast on while continuing to catch and release the trophy fish. We had several 25″ walleye caught during the week and many, as I mentioned, in that 20-24″ range. George and Jc’s crew had 37 walleyes alone >18″ for the week. Not too bad. Overall, despite some challenging weather (quite the contrast from the shirt sleeve weather for the opener in 2018), the fishing was pretty darn good. 

So now week 2 is underway, and the fishing has simply been fantastic. Numbers have been great and average size of the walleyes continues to impress. Looking forward to seeing how week 2 wraps up with some fantastic weather in the forecast for the next 3 days. Highs in the low 70’s and bright sunshine throughout the period. Check our Facebook page for regular updates!


Wabaskang Lake fishing report

Well week number 7 of our season is in the books and what an awesome week it was. Firework display in camp for the 4th, one of our new groups, the Jandre family from the Milwaukee area, sharing some roasted smoked Wisconsin cheese at the firepit with everyone, and just enough good fishing to keepContinue Reading

Week 2 update

Hello again everybody. (sounds like Harry Caray beginning a tv broadcast for Cubs fans out there) What a week it was last week around here! Week two of the season has historically been one of the best of the season and this year was certainly no exception. Another loaded camp took advantage of some outstandingContinue Reading

Ice Out on Wabaskang fast approaching!

Happy Spring to everyone! Though I do have to admit after such a mild winter it’s not quite as exciting when spring “arrives”. It is however, ALWAYS exciting when we hear that the ice is about to go out on Wabaskang! At least a solid two weeks before average ice out, this is certainly goodContinue Reading

2015 Season ends

2015 Season ends

Well the 2015 season is in the books, ending with some very good fishing in September. While the weather remained absolutely fantastic overall during the month, it was a little unpredictable which can be common for that time of the year in NW Ontario. Several days of warm, sunny weather might be followed by aContinue Reading

July update

July update

Well it’s been a busy month around here for the most part, although in some regards a little disjointed as it relates to family matters. Early in the month, Milissa returned to Indiana to deal with some estate issues and the sale of her Mom’s home. On July 7th Emily and Allison arrived in campContinue Reading

Sport show season about to start

Hi all, Well the 2015 sportshow season is about to kick off for us as we will be heading to Kansas City next week for the first show of our season. As always, we are anxious to get out on the road and talk about camp and the great fishing and great experience we offerContinue Reading

New website is up and Fall update

Hi all, well it has certainly been a busy fall this year. It actually started before leaving camp, as Milissa’s mother (Ruby) passed away unexpectedly during the last week of the season. This resulted in a quick 48 hour trip back home to Indiana for the services, only to return to camp to finish theContinue Reading

Peffley's Wilderness Camp is a family owned and operated camp. Dave has been fishing Wabaskang Lake for over 25 years and was previously a guest of this camp for 12 years prior to purchasing the camp in 2005. I am a proud supporter of our military and offer a nice discount during the month of July to our guests who have also served. I have three daughters ranging in ages from 16-21 who spend much of their summer with us in camp and have totally embraced the wilderness experience we offer. They have for years referred to it as the "best summer experience ever".

While rarely necessary on our lake, because I do have a very good working knowledge on how and where to fish on Wabaskang Lake and our portage waters, I will guide groups if asked to. Otherwise, I am always happy to share information with our guests and provide them well marked lake maps so they can start catching fish their first day in camp.

I pride myself on running a very clean and well managed camp with your satisfaction our top priority. Many guests who have fished from this camp for over 20 years, and several more that have fished here for over 30 years and even some over 40 years.

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