Trip Planning Checklist

Our motto is: “You don’t need to bring a lot of anything, but enough to be prepared for anything”

Essential Clothing

  • Good rain gear – Let’s face it, you aren’t traveling all the way to Canada to sit in your cabin and watch it rain! Good rain gear will keep you comfortable and out on the water where you want to be.
  • Water proof footwear – rubber boots, over shoes, gortex hikers.
  • Comfortable shoes – these are for everyday and to wear in the cabin as well
  • Warm socks –cold feet are never any fun, be prepared to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Base layer or insulated underwear – a must in spring and fall but good for anytime the weather might present cooler conditions (mornings and evenings in particular)
  • Turtle neck shirt and/or a hooded jacket – nice to keep the air off your neck
  • Warm stocking cap and fishing cap
  • Everyday clothing – pants, shirts, underwear etc
  • Gloves- several pairs are always a good idea even if just a light pair of jersey gloves as sometimes just keeping the air off your hands is a difference maker
  • Warm coat – that will fit under your rain coat
  • Shorts and other cool, loose fitting comfortable clothing – for those gorgeous summer days
  • Swim suit- there are many times that we swim from our docks right in camp throughout the summer. Nothing feels better than a dip in the lake on a hot summer day
  • Sunglasses and prescription glasses/contacts- bring an extra pair just in case

Other Gear You Might Find Handy To Have With You

  • Ziploc bags – always handy to prepare foods, store leftovers, and it a pinch can be used as dry bags in the boat
  • Books and other reading materials
  • Flash light
  • A gallon or more of cooking oil in the event you wish to use our outdoor fish cookers
  • Paper towels-an often forgotten item but handy for quick clean ups etc.
  • Paper plates- also handy if your “dishwasher” isn’t along on this trip
  • Extra batteries for your electronic devices and your portable fish finder
  • Bath towels as these are not supplied by us
  • Travel coffee mug and thermos
  • Prescription medications and other items such as anti-histamines, Ibuprofen etc.
  • Hand lotion- long days in the boat with hands subjected to sun, wind and water are hard on the hands. Not to mention the damage from handling a LOT of fish.
  • Camera to document the incredible memories made on your trip
  • Although equipped in our cabins, a short extension cord or two
  • Dish soap
  • Bath soap, shampoo, etc.

Gear for the Boat

  • Portable fish finder- a must have so you know what water depth you are fishing as Canadian shield lakes are known for dramatic structure that can change depth quickly in some places
  • A U.S or Canadian Coast guard approved personal flotation device (Life Jacket)
  • Small totes- can be used for gear storage in the boat
  • Back Pack- great for also storing gear and for day trip portages
  • Dry Bag- excellent for keeping valuables and extra clothing safe and dry in inclement weather
  • Sunscreen- don’t ruin your trip by turning into “Larry the Lobster” on day one
  • First Aid Kit
  • Insect repellant- while honestly our bug situation is not bad at all, rainy weather and mornings and evenings do bring some bugs out
  • Matches or a lighter for shore lunch or an unlikely emergency.
  • Marker buoys- with many portable fish finders also having gps, it’s still nice just to toss out a buoy when you find a hot bite
  • Jaw spreaders for unhooking northern pike
  • Flashlight
  • Small cooler or two for transporting shore lunch food and beverages
  • Needle nose pliers and/or multi-tool- always nice to have around
  • Small tackle box or Plano style boxes to transport light tackle on portage trips
  • Jig eye buster- nothing more frustrating and dangerous than trying to get the paint out of the eye of new jigs with the wrong tool
  • Quality fillet knife (or two) and sharpener
  • Extra fishing line
  • A good stringer to put your fish on. I like the rope style with quality nylon clasps for the fish. Durable, safe, quiet and dependable.
  • Portable GPS, if your fish finder is not so equipped
  • Compass- in case the GPS fails to work for some reason
  • Toilet Paper – for obvious reasons (keep it in a zip lock bag to stay dry)
Peffley's Wilderness Camp is a family owned and operated camp. Dave has been fishing Wabaskang Lake for over 25 years and was previously a guest of this camp for 12 years prior to purchasing the camp in 2005. I am a proud supporter of our military and offer a nice discount during the month of July to our guests who have also served. I have three daughters ranging in ages from 16-21 who spend much of their summer with us in camp and have totally embraced the wilderness experience we offer. They have for years referred to it as the "best summer experience ever".

While rarely necessary on our lake, because I do have a very good working knowledge on how and where to fish on Wabaskang Lake and our portage waters, I will guide groups if asked to. Otherwise, I am always happy to share information with our guests and provide them well marked lake maps so they can start catching fish their first day in camp.

I pride myself on running a very clean and well managed camp with your satisfaction our top priority. Many guests who have fished from this camp for over 20 years, and several more that have fished here for over 30 years and even some over 40 years.

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